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Package Name Nepal and Tibet TourDays
Trip Duration 11 Days
Max Altitude Any
Package Overview Including the old city of Lhasa and the Kathmandu Valley, covers most ancient and remote monuments. Our local expert group leaders are at your side at all times to ensure your comfort. Spiritual experience, important monuments and breath-taking panoramas will be a lifetime trip. The Himalayas range extends too many countries of southern and central Asia. When travellers from Europe, North America, and Australia travel to this region, they try to maximize their travel experience and the things they see and experience when travelling to several countries at once. The Nepal Tibet tours are designed to meet the needs of travellers who want to make the most of their trip to the Himalayas. Nepal Tibet tours combine two of the best destinations in Asia in one trip, saving you time and making it reasonable in terms of the money you spend. The tours in Nepal and Tibet take you to two different geographical regions, cultures and different ways of life and offer you many different experiences.Nep...

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