Altitude sickness while trekking Nepal, what to do?

Altitude sickness while traveling in Himalayas of Nepal? What can you do?

You are your last leg of you journey towards Everest Base Camp trekking along with your mates. You are enjoying your life doing your dream trekking. Suddenly you starting to have headache you thought it is just normal cold. After 2 hours your headache is too much to bare and now you started to vomiting. You suddenly realize that it could be Altitude Sickness, now what ?

The answer of the very question is what we are going to explain you on this blog. There are many cases of altitude sickness among the travelers in Nepal.

Why It Happens

The pressure of the air that surrounds you is called barometric pressure. When you go to higher altitudes, this pressure drops and there is less oxygen available.

If you live in a place that’s located at a moderately high altitude, you get used to the air pressure. But if you travel to a place at a higher altitude than you’re used to, your body will need time to adjust to the change in pressure.

Any time you go above 3,000 meters, you can be at risk for altitude sickness.

Symptoms include

  • headache

  • nausea and vomiting

  • dizziness

  • tiredness

  • loss of appetite

  • shortness of breath

Is it preventable?

Quick answer is yes, you can prevent it by taking 2-3 days rest at every 300 – 500 m climb when you above 300 m, drink plenty of water, eat your healthy balanced diet, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol and most of all be prepared.

At the first signs of altitude sickness immediately move to a lower elevation before it gets worse.

Who should fear from Altitude Sickness?

Anyone can develop altitude sickness, no matter how fit, young, or healthy they are in fact, being physically active at a high elevation makes you more likely to get it.

How quickly you move to a higher elevation, how high you go up, the altitude where you sleep, and other factors are the main cause of altitude sickness. Illnesses like diabetes or lung disease are not yet directly linked with altitude sickness.

What to do if I have Altitude Sickness in Nepal ?

Most important and the best thing you can do is as soon as symptoms appear head back to lower elevation take some rest and seek medical attention. Take at least 3-4 days rest before even thinking about going out again.

If you have severe altitude sickness, you’ll need to be taken down to a lower elevation right away -- and it must be lower than 2000 meters. You’ll have to see a doctor as soon as possible and you may need to go to the hospital.

If you have altitude sickness while trekking in Nepal if you are above 4000 meters contact to authority give them precise location let them know if you are heading towards any settlement, to lower elevation and awaits rescue. Do not take any chances trekking is not worth your life.

Always keep some medicines like acetazolamide, ibuprofen, paracetamol, promethazine for emergency treatment if situation get worse.

So whats the message?

If you are planning to do trekking in higher himalayas of Nepal be prepared, physically and mentally. If you are traveling alone keep communicating with your families and friend. At the fist sign of trouble alert your family or the local authority. Keep contact numbers of local authority with you before you start your journey. Always travel with local guide who knows a lot about the location, weather, routes, people etc then yourself.

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