Things to remember before you travel to Nepal in 2019

Nepal is a lovely country on the lap of great Himalaya. It holds unlimited secrets for you to revel. It has some of the highest peaks and one of the diverse natural resources in the world. Nepal is full of tourist attraction in and out of the city. It should not be surprising the any traveling enthusiastic this should be next traveling destination. But Nepal is far from perfect and may not be for everyone. Here are the list of things we have compiled for any traveller who wish to visit Nepal as a tourist.

1. Visa Information

Foreign Citizens except Indian nationalities is required to have a valid visa to enter into the Nepal. Nepal also provide on arrival visa at the port of entry but it is better to obtain one at Nepali embassies and consulates overseas at your country. Normally you can obtain visa for 15 days, 30 days or for 90 days at the cost of $25, $40 and $100 (subjected to change) respectively. Please check if you are qualified for on arrival visa before making your trip plan.

2. Travel arrangements

Nepal is a landlocked country sandwiched in between China and India. Primary way to get into the country is via airplane. Or if you are already in India or China you can get to Nepal via road networks. It is almost impossible to get to Nepal via roads for a tourist from china because there are not many passenger vehicle in operation on those entry point and roads are very basic gravel roads mainly used for transporting goods. But on the Indian side it is much easier and passenger vehicles are in operation. There is also direct bus/coach service in operation in between Kathmandu, capital of Nepal and Delhi, capital of India. For traveller traveling from beyond China and India book your air ticket in advance so that you can have cheaper fare. world’s major carriers are operating in Nepal but they only operate small to medium aircrafts and you may have to travel via transit e.g. Dubai, Qatar, Delhi, Istanbul etc. Check with you airlines about stops and cost of the ticket.

3. On arrival arrangements

Although some of the population does speak english majority of the population can not communicate other then in Nepal, native language. Whether you are planning to to backpacking or Everest expedition please reserve a room with a hotel and ask them for airport pick up and lodging arrangements. It is not impossible to arrange room and pick up service via middle man at the airport you end of being ripped off via those unregistered individuals. It is our suggestion to speak directly with hotels or with registered travel agents.

4. Plan ahead

often when we travel we tend to think that guide will handle everything but that may backfire if we don’t have adequate information. It is better to plan ahead and posses adequate informations of the whole trip. There might be some extra charges at some sites for tourist, sometimes weather may disturb traveling itinerary. This is our suggestion to gather all the available information before traveling so that you have your experience smooth and enjoyable during travel in Nepal.

5. Clothing

Although you can buy anything in Nepal but authenticity of the products are questionable. Nowadays clothing from premium brands can be found in the streets in relatively in cheap price which obviously can not be of good quality. Although there are good outlets in Nepal for you to shop we suggest you to bring your own clothing depending on the weather and purchase only what you actually need. Instead we suggest you to buy handmade product from rural village which are of best quality and unique. If you have to buy on the high street we’d suggest to shop yourself and put some hard bargain rather then going with guides.

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